Buenos días!!.
Primeras fechas confirmadas para las presentaciones de “Resilience” en Portugal, en breve iremos confirmando el resto. Apunten y nos vemos en los conciertos!!!!.
“Guitarist and composer Javier Alcántara has created a collection of beautiful music that combines jazz harmony with his own personal melodic sense and unique tone and approach to the guitar, and organized it’s performance by a group of some of the most exciting players from Spain and Portugal. The result is a thrilling journey that evokes the wonderful feeling of the people and terrain of the Extremadura region of Spain. I highly recommend putting on a pair of headphones and taking the trip!!”
Jonathan Kreisberg, American jazz guitarist and composer.
Edit by Youkali Music 2016…/386-javier-alcantara-short-st…
© Javier Alcántara/Jazzterapiart 2016
All rights reserved
New album ‘Resilience’ May 2016
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